Etiquette and Dress Code

Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club request that all golf patrons adhere to our dress standards whilst using the Golf Course, Practice Facilities and the Country Club café. Men and women must wear a collared shirt, dress pants or shirts, soft spiked golf shoes or approved footwear with socks.

The following items are NOT PERMITTED and patrons wearing them will be refused entry:

-    Tracksuits, Denim, Cargo Shorts, Board Shorts, Beach or Football Shorts
-    T-shirts, Singlets & Crew neck shirts
-    Thongs, sandals, scuffs or rippled soles etc.

Golf Course Etiquette

To ensure a good pace of play, please stay in touch with the group in front. The perfect golfing visitor leaves the course in the same condition as when they started.  We have developed the follow points to keep the upkeep of the course and ensure that you and fellow golfers have an enjoyable round of golf.

Putting green: When on the putting green, golfers are asked to repair any pitch marks.

Bunkers: Entry into and exit from bunkers should always be from the lowest point of the bunker and please rake upon completion of shot.  Rake should be left inside the bunker in the direction of play.

Cart Rules: Carts must not be driven within 10 metres of the greens.  Carts are not permitted outside the golf course.  Carts must be driven by persons with a valid drivers licence.  Maximum of two persons/two bags per cart.