By-Laws and Rules & Regulations


Members are required to observe the RULES and ETIQUETTE of Golf.

To do so not only enhances one’s own and others’ enjoyment of the game, but it is also an attribute of the Club to which you belong.

1.1    All competitions are under control of the Proprietor, which reserves the right to change or alter any date, cancel or vary any competition.

1.2    On days when competitions arranged by the Proprietor are in progress, any member not taking part can play only when and where directed by the Proprietor.

1.3    Play at all times must commence from the first tee, unless otherwise authorised.

1.4    Competition fees must be paid prior to play commencing.

1.5    Non-payment will result in disqualification or disciplinary action of the player or team.


1.6    The player on the lowest handicap in any type of match or competition automatically becomes the Captain of the match. It becomes his responsibility to ensure that the etiquette of the game and the general conditions of play are strictly observed.


1.7    The Pro-shop or the Club Secretary has complete control of bookings and both the Pro-shop or Club Secretary have the power to act for and are responsible to the Proprietor.

1.8    Any player who has not reported to the Pro-shop 15 minutes prior to their scheduled hit off time may forfeit their place.


1.9    Will be available as follows:-

SATURDAY COMPETITIONS- The timesheet will be available in the reception area at 6.30am each Saturday 7 days prior to event.
WENDNESDAY COMPETITIONS- are available at 9:30am 7 days prior to each event in the Reception area.
SUNDAY COMPETITIONS- are available at 11:00pm 7 days prior to each event in the Reception area.

1.10    Any player who fails to notify the Pro-shop of his inability to play at a particular reserved time shown on the time sheet shall be guilty of breach of Club etiquette and may be liable to such action as the Proprietor considers appropriate.


1.11    It is the player’s responsibility alone to record his correct handicap on his scorecard.
1.12    Cards must be signed by the marker and counter-signed by the player, then returned to the competition box or the Pro-shop immediately following the competition of the round.


1.13    Existing Local Rules are listed on the Scorecard and/or notice board
1.14    Temporary Local Rules as deemed necessary from time to time will be as displayed on the notice board


1.15    Divisions:
A – Grade 11 and under
B – Grade 12-18
C – Grade 19-36

1.16  For a member to receive a handicap the member must submit in 3 18 hole cards or 6 9 hole cards or a combination of both.  Handicaps are reviewed at regular intervals. In order to assist the handicapper, members should return cards for all rounds played. Failure to return cards over a period may result in a loss or partial loss of handicap.



1.19    Individual:
Stroke- Full Handicap
Par- Full Stroke Handicap
Stableford- Full Stroke Handicap
Match Play- Full Difference of Stroke Handicap
Bisque- Full Stroke Handicap taken as declared to marker on completion of the hole

1.20    American Foursomes 3/8 of aggregate handicap
           Canadian Foursomes 3/8 of aggregate handicap


1.21    Restricted Tees will come into effect when an event approved by the Proprietor is being played. A time sheet showing the restrictions will be displayed on the notice board.



1.22    Two balls are the maximum to be used during a practice round.


Blue – Male Golfing members
Red – Female Golfing members
White/Blue – Visitors


1.24    Any decisions required on the interpretation of the Rules of Golf or on local rules shall be made by the Golf Professional and in any other case, by the Proprietor.


1.25    Ties in events shall be decided whenever possible by replay, but if the Pro-shop considers this to be inexpedient the following count-back methods shall be used:

For 18 hole events the best score for the last 9 holes shall be used, if there is still a tie the last 6 holes or if still tied the last 3 holes. If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 18th.

In 27, 36, 54 and 72 hole events the last 18 holes shall be used and if still tied count –back as in 1 above.
In handicap events the relevant handicap or fraction thereof shall be applied.

Where a penalty applicable under Rule 3.5 of the Rules of Golf is applied to a result this penalty shall be ignored so far as the count-back is concerned.

NOTE – For a 9 hole event the best score for the last 6 holes shall be used. If there is still a
tie the last 3 holes. If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 18th hole.


1.26     Each Member will be required to pay an annual subscription fee.
Until 30 June 2018 the annual subscription fees will be as set out below. Thereafter, annual subscription fees for members who reside in Australia will be fixed by the Proprietor from time to time such that they are comparable with fees for comparable courses in Australia. Annual subscription fees for members who do not reside in Australia will be set by the Proprietor from time to time.

Individual Restricted (5 Day) Golfing Member - $1,715.00 Annual Subscription
Individual (7 Day) Golfing Member - $2,340.00 Annual Subscription
Corporate Golfing Member $2,340.00 Annual Subscription (per person)


 1.27    Members will not be required to pay any green fees. The Proprietor may, from time to time, at its discretion, determine green fees for non-members and the terms and amount of any discount for member’s guests.


 1.28    Additional fees or levies may be introduced by the Proprietor from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion.


 1.29    A Food and Beverage levy will apply and will be charged at $240.00 per year and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Proprietor.


 2.1    Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully rake and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them. Sand is to be raked toward the centre of the bunker, not outwards. “Leave the lie you would want for yourself”.
2.2    Rakes are to be left in the bunkers with the handles lying parallel to the direction of play.


2.3    Through the green, DIVOT HOLES are to be repaired by breaking in the sides pressing them down. DO NOT replace divots.


2.4    Players should ensure that all PLUG MARKS, or other damage are repaired before leaving the green.


2.5    Notices and greens staff directional markers regulating the movement and positioning of golf motor carts should be strictly observed.


2.6    In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, particularly the tee areas.


2.7    Artificial Lakes- Under no circumstances should any member or guest enter a lake to retrieve a ball.


 2.8    Grounds Staff
    Players are asked to co-operate with staff by allowing them to perform their course maintenance tasks, unhindered, in order that these may be completed as speedily as possible.

    When the flagstick is removed please DO NOT hit up until work is completed. This will be signified by the replacement of the flagstick in the hole.



3.1    No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball


3.2    In the absence of special rules, two ball matches should have precedence over and be entitled to pass any three or four ball matches.

A single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.

Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.


3.3    All players should play without delay.

Players should not be concerned with the position of the group behind but at all times keep up with the group ahead. A time of four hours for 18 holes should be aimed for.

Notwithstanding the above, please wait until the players in front are out of range before hitting, unless they have called your group through.

Players should not search for 5 minutes before calling the following group through. This should be done as soon as it is apparent that the “lost” ball (s) will not be easily found.

A match has lost its position in the field when it is one clear hole behind the preceding match. It must make up the lost ground immediately OR allow the following match to play through.

If a match fails to do this, the following match is permitted to exercise its rights to play through.

On reaching a green leave your clubs conveniently placed for subsequent movement to the next tee. DO NOT leave your clubs in front of the green.

Please leave the green immediately play of the hole has been concluded. Scorecards should be completed on the next tee.

The player with the honour at each tee should mark his/her card AFTER hitting off, unless the match ahead is still in range.

In par and stableford competitions, do not continue playing a hole after your stroke
allowance has been exhausted.

“Slow” players habitually fail to observe some or all of the above suggestions. The
Proprietor has the right to penalise offenders and persistent violation will lead to placement at the rear of the field on competition days.

The player on the lowest handicaps in any type of match or competition automatically
becomes the captain of his match and it is his responsibility to ensure that the etiquette of the game is observed.

3.4    Calling up on par 3’s
This practice is contrary to the Rules of Golf, is dangerous, and must not be adopted by any member.


3.5    Any incorrect behaviour or etiquette observed should be reported to the ProShop or General Manager, if present. Members should neither intervene nor approach the visitor(s) personally.



4.1    Members and visitors are prohibited from bringing dogs in to the Clubhouse or onto the course.


4.2    A maximum of 50 lockers will be available with a rental fee to be determined by the Proprietor applicable for each year thereafter. A locker will be available to the balance of members on a day-to-day basis with no fee applicable. These lockers are to be vacated of personal effects and the key to be returned to the pro-shop at the completion of each round.


4.3    A Club member identification card and bag tag will be issued to each Member.

4.4    Membership card must be presented in the Pro-shop prior to play.  Club identification bag tag is to be prominently displayed on member’s golf bag.


4.5    All complaints shall be made in writing to the Proprietor.



4.6    On no account are children under 10 years of age to accompany members during social or competition play, or to be on the course or practice areas.


4.7    Members introducing visitors to the Club to play golf must ensure:
(a)    Their names are entered in the visitors book
(b)    That fees are duly paid
(c)    All guests are appropriately dressed and adhere to the Rules of Golf

4.8    A guest introduced by a member will qualify for a reduced green fee to be determined by the Proprietor from time to time.. A member may not introduce more than three guests at any one time and must accompany the guests for their entire round of golf under this arrangement.

4.9    A member may not introduce the same person more than 12 times in a calendar year.

4.10    Visitors who are Members of clubs affiliated with the W.A.G.A. or W.A.L.G.U. may enter club competitions by designated “invitation”.

4.11    Green fees are payable even where visitors or guests enter a Club Competition.

4.12    Visitors or guests may not bring motorised buggies onto the course for competitions or otherwise without paying the designated “Trail Fee” and with prior approval by the General Manager.


4.13    Before visiting another Club, a member should contact the Secretary and ascertain if play on the course is permitted and the relevant dress rules. On arrival at the Club he should introduce himself to the Secretary and sign the Visitors book.


4.14    Members have a right of access to Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club, only when engaged in playing or practicing golf which has been booked through the Pro-shop. The same rules apply to Members’ guests.


4.15    Neither the Club nor the Proprietor can be responsible for the security, or any subsequent loss of or damage to items of personal property, which have been left or stored within the boundaries of the golf course or the confines of Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club.



The recipient of trophies or the winner of the main prize for all Club competition events if unable to attend presentations must apologise and nominate a proxy to accept on their behalf. All trophies for club competitions will be purchased through Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club Pro-shop or procured by the Proprietor.  A discount to be determined by the Proprietor from time to time will apply to all trophy purchases.


5.1    Members are urged to dress in good taste at all times to maintain the dignity of the game of golf and Club standards. To obviate any embarrassment to themselves, the club or other members, they are asked to observe the following:


5.2    Golf attire not to be work related, no blue or “work” jeans, no crew-neck nor t-shirts nor thongs.  Slacks or dress shorts are permissible; shirt with a collar must be worn. (coat or jacket is optional).


5.3    As 5.2 above.


5.4    (a) Golf attire should be neat. Tracksuits, jeans, t-shirts, singlets and crew-neck shirts (with or without advertising or screen print scenes) are not acceptable. (Shirts to be tucked in).
(b) On the course, either long trousers or tailored dress shorts may be worn. Shorts must not be abbreviated, elastic and/or draw string waists are not acceptable.
When shorts are worn either sports or long socks may be worn.   Long socks are to be secured just below the knee; they are not to be worn as short socks.
(c) Proper footwear must be worn at all times. That is, approved soft spiked golf shoes. Caddies – soft spiked golf shoes or flat-soled sandshoes with socks.
Appropriate footwear does NOT include thongs, sandals, rippled soles, or the like.

5.5    Female Golfing Members on course – No jeans, tracksuits, abbreviated shorts, t-shirts (slogan advertising), midriff tops, tank tops. Shirts must have a collar. In the lounge, tailored slacks, dress shorts, skirts (not abbreviated), a jumper or blouse is acceptable.

5.6    The Proprietor may object to any particular mode of dress, even though it may, in the letter, apparently conform to the requirements set out above.

5.7    Members and visitors using the Clubhouse are expected to shower and change after a game of golf.


6.1    Wednesday afternoons, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons are Competition times. The starting times of Competitions will be adjusted seasonally. Tee times are to be used sequentially and any unused tee times set aside for competitions can be used at the Proprietors discretion.

6.2     On all other days, excepting for major events, all players have equal rights.

6.3    Corporate groups playing with the permission of the Proprietor are to be extended the facilities of the course and the use of the Clubhouse.

6.4    Members are urged to make advance bookings when planning to play on weekends or public holidays to avoid disappointment and aid in the timely operation of the golf course.



7.1    May play at any time except when a special event approved by the Proprietor is in progress.


7.2    May play weekdays Monday through Friday except when a special event approved by the Proprietor is in progress.


7.3    May play at any time except when a special event approved by the Proprietor is in progress.  

1.1    The name of the Club is MEADOW SPRINGS GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB (“the Club”).
1.2    The Proprietor of the Club is Kingsfield Corporation Pty Ltd (ABN  85 093 852 487) and having its registered office C/o Joondalup Resort Hotel,  Country Club Boulevard, Connolly, WA  6027
1.3    The Club Premises are located at 23 Meadow Springs Drive, Meadow Springs,  WA  6210.

2.1    The object of the Club is to provide facilities for Golf and other amenities associated with golfing (“the Facilities”).
2.2    To affiliate the Members of the Club with the Western Australian Golf Association (“WAGA”) and the Womens Golf Western Australia (“WGWA”) or such of their respective successors or substituted organizations in accordance with their respective constitutions and rules.


3.1    The Club is a proprietary club, the sole proprietor being Kingsfield Corporation Pty Ltd (the “Proprietor” which expression shall include its successors-in-title and assigns).
3.2    Members of the Club shall have the right to use the facilities of the Club at the Club Premises in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of the Club.
3.3    The Proprietor shall allow Members to use the Club Premises and all its Facilities in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of the Club for the duration of their Membership, and shall be entitled to receive, and fix from time to time, all membership fees, entrance fees, deposits, green fees, guest fees, interest for late payments or any other fees and monies as may become due and payable.  All such fees, charges and other payments due from a Member are inclusive of goods and services tax.
3.4    The Proprietor shall appoint such persons as considered necessary for the administration of the Club.
3.5    The Proprietor may appoint any person or persons to be a Patron or Patrons of the Club.

4.1    The Proprietor shall have absolute right to accept or decline any application for membership.
4.2    Membership of the Club shall consist of any or all of the following classes of membership namely:-
(i)    Individual  (7 day) Golfing Member;
(ii)    Restricted (5 day) Individual Golfing Member;
(iii)    Honorary Member;
(iv)    VIP Guest Member;
(v)    International Member;
(vi)    Corporate Member.

(vii) Absentee Member;                                                            
(vii) Junior Individual Golfing Member
(viii) Junior Plus (18 to 21) Golfing Membership
Any Member of the Club in whatever class shall be referred to in these Rules and Regulations as a “Member” which expression shall include Nominees where appropriate.  All memberships are non transferable. Further categories of memberships can be created at the sole discretion of the Proprietor.

(i)    There are two categories of Individual Golfing Membership, namely Individual Golfing (7 day) Membership and Restricted (5 day) Individual Membership.  Both categories may, where the context permits, be referred to in these Rules as Individual Golfing Memberships.
(ii)    Application for Individual Golfing Membership shall be open to any individual 21 years or over.
(iii)    All applications shall be:-
(a)    made on the form prescribed by the Proprietor;
(b)    accompanied by the membership fee and/or other fees prescribed by the Proprietor from time to time;
(c)    subject to the approval of the Proprietor, at the Proprietor’s sole and absolute discretion.

The Proprietor may invite any person to be an Honorary Member for such period and on such terms as it deems fit.

The Proprietor may invite any person to be a VIP Guest Member for such period and on such terms as it deems fit.  

Application is open to non-residents of Western Australia with an overseas address to be a member of this category.
The Member is allowed access to the Golf Course to a maximum of 24 times per year.

(i)    There is one category of Corporate Golfing Membership.
(ii)    Application for Corporate Golfing Membership shall be open to a partnership, unincorporated association, body corporate or other institution.
(iii)    The Organisation applying shall be entitled to nominate two individuals or such number of individuals as may be decided by the Proprietor in its absolute discretion from time to time.
(iv)    No person may be nominated by a corporation for Representative Membership unless such person is at that time either an officer of the corporation (as defined in the Corporations Law of Australia), an employee of that corporation or a partner Or employee of that firm.  If such person ceases to be either an officer, partner or employee of that corporation or firm then automatically such person shall cease to be a Representative Member but the corporation or firm may in the latter case nominate a further person for Representative Membership of the Club subject to the Rules and Regulations, accompanied by a payment of a transfer fee.
(v)    All applications shall be:-
(a)    made on the form prescribed by the Proprietor;
(b)    accompanied by the membership fee and/or such other fees prescribed by the Proprietor from time to time.
(c)    subject to the approval of the Proprietor at the Proprietor’s sole and absolute discretion.
(vi)    Corporate Golfing Memberships are non transferable.

(i)    A Member (except Corporate and International) is eligible to convert his or her Membership to an Absentee Membership, if he or she is absent from the state of Western Australia for a consecutive period of at least 12 months by making a written application to the Proprietor.
(ii)    The Absentee Member shall not be entitled to any golf playing rights as a member of the Club as were enjoyed by him or her prior to becoming an Absentee Member.
(iii)    Absentee Members shall pay annual subscriptions as the Proprietor shall determine from time to time.

(i)    Is a member who is between 10 and 18 years of age.

Is a member who is between 19 and 21 years of age.

4.11    GUESTS
(i)    Except where otherwise provided by these Rules and Regulations or the Bylaws of the Club, a Member may introduce any person as a guest to the Club.  Such a guest shall be entitled to use the Facilities and shall be governed by these Rules Regulations and Bylaws of the Club upon payment of such fees as may be prescribed from time to time by the Proprietor.  The Proprietor may in its absolute discretion restrict the number of times a guest may be introduced to the Club during any period.  The Proprietor may from time to time prescribe rules that guests shall not be allowed to utilise specified Facilities.
(ii)    A Member introducing a guest shall write the name of the guest, his own name and the period for which the guest is introduced in a book kept for the purpose at the Club and shall be responsible for any debt or liability to the Club incurred by such guest.  It is the duty of the Member introducing a guest to acquaint his guest with these Rules, Regulations and Bylaws and as to whether there are any restrictions against the use of the Facilities by guests.
(iii)    No more than such number of guests as the Proprietor may in its absolute discretion determine shall be invited on any one occasion by any one Member except for the purpose of using the Club’s dining facilities.
Golf Only:-
Three guests per Member
Maximum visits, 12 per year for golf for the same guest
(iv)    The Proprietor may at any time withdraw the privileges of the use of the Facilities of the Club from any guest without assigning any reason therefore.
(v)    No person from whom the privileges of the Club have been withdrawn may be introduced as a guest.
(vi)    No Member who has been expelled from the Club from whom the privileges of the Club have been withdrawn under (iv) above may be introduced as a guest.

4.12    GENERAL
(i)    The name of every Member shall be entered in the Register of Members.
(ii)    The Proprietor may close (and subsequently re-open) the membership of any class of Membership whenever it considers such to be appropriate.
(iii)    A person shall become a Member and shall enjoy all rights and privileges of Membership on the issue to him of a membership card.  A Member shall keep a membership card with him at all times in the Club Premises and shall produce it on demand by any member of staff or authorised person of the Club.
(iv)    The Proprietor may in its sole and absolute discretion, for such periods as it shall think fit, designate the entrance cum lobby, all entrances and exits, the food and beverage outlets, restrooms, carpark and retail areas as public areas for which entry is not limited by any Membership requirements.
(v)    The Proprietor may in its absolute discretion at any time allow any of the Facilities of the Club to be used for private functions meetings or conferences by any Member subject to such conditions as the Proprietor may prescribe.

(i)    Every Member shall pay yearly subscriptions including, where appropriate and without limitation, from a date to be fixed by the Proprietor and such subscriptions shall thereafter be payable in advance to the Proprietor on the 1st July of each year.
(ii)    The membership fees, entrance fees, other fees, deposits and subscriptions payable by the various classes of Members, and the manner of payment of such, shall be determined by the Proprietor from time to time.
(iii)    Annual Subscription and Annual Food and Beverage Levy shall be adjusted and pro-rated from the date membership commences through to the 30th June in the following year.
(iv)    The Member shall fully indemnify the Proprietor against all administrative charges, legal fees and other costs and disbursements (on a full indemnity basis) incurred by the Proprietor in connection with the demanding and enforcing payment of any Membership fees, subscriptions or any deposits and all other sums hereunder or otherwise howsoever in enforcing any of the terms, conditions and stipulations herein contained against that Member.

(i)    If at any time it appears to the Proprietor that the golf course or any other facility of the Club is congested, the Proprietor may in its absolute discretion restrict the privileges of any Member of any class in respect of any one or more of the Facilities.  If the Golf Course is congested this may take the form of balloting for members’ competition tee times.
(ii)    The Proprietor may reserve the whole or any part of the Facilities of the Club for such purpose and for such period of time as it deems necessary.

A Member may at any time give notice in writing to the Proprietor to terminate his Membership of the Club and such termination shall be effective only upon acceptance by the Proprietor of the same Provided, for the avoidance of doubt, that such Member shall first make immediate and full payment of all outstanding amounts (including without limitation Membership, other fees, deposits and subscriptions) owing to the Proprietor shall become immediately due and payable upon the resignation of such Member.  Any Member having discharged all his liabilities to the Club and wishing to rejoin is entitled to make a fresh application provided however that the Proprietor may in its sole and absolute discretion waive in whole or in part any applicable entry fees.

5.1    In the event that any Member whose subscription or levies is unpaid for 60 days or such other period as the Proprietor may from time to time determine, the Proprietor shall be entitled to suspend the Member until such time that the outstanding dues are paid in full.
(i)    The Proprietor in its absolute discretion shall be entitled to terminate the Membership if any Member acts in any way prejudicial to the interests of the Club or its Members or shall breach any of these Rules Regulations and Bylaws of the Club. The Proprietor may take such steps as it considers appropriate such as suspending the Member for a specified period including terminating the Membership of the said Member, in which event he shall be notified in writing and shall there upon cease to be a Member of the Club..
(ii)    The exercise of any power conferred under any of these Rules to suspend any Member shall not relieve that Member from the obligation to pay Membership, and other fees, deposits and subscriptions that may be due in respect of the period for which such Member is suspended.
5.3    Any Member who:-
(i)    has been adjudicated bankrupt;
(ii)    has been convicted of any offence involving violence, dishonesty, the use of drugs, or has suffered imprisonment for any reason whatsoever;
(iii)    determined by the Proprietor of conduct which in the opinion of the Proprietor is injurious to the character or interests of the Club
shall have his Membership terminated by notice in writing.
5.4    Any Member on ceasing to be a Member shall cease to enjoy all rights and privileges of a Member and the use of the Facilities of the Club.
5.5    The Proprietor reserves the right to re-admit to Membership on any terms it sees fit any person who has ceased to be a Member pursuant to the provisions of Rule 5.

6.1    The powers of management and administration of the Club shall be vested solely in the Proprietor whose decision on any question or matter shall be conclusive, final and binding on the Members.  The Proprietor may appoint such persons or bodies of persons as it may deem fit to carry out any part of the functions of the management and administration of the Club including the interpretation of Rules and Regulations and Bylaws.  The positions of President and Captain when necessary will be appointed by the Proprietor.

    No Member shall take away, or permit to be taken away, any property within the Club Premises under any pretence whatsoever nor shall injure or destroy any such property.


8.1    No paper, notice or placard, written or printed shall be put in the Club Premises without the permission of the Proprietor
8.2    All notices and any amendments to the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws are deemed to be given to the Members of the Club by posting such notices on the Notice Board in the Club Premises.
8.3    Every Member shall communicate in writing any change of address to the Proprietor.  Such address shall be inserted in the Register of Members.

9.1    Unless permitted by law, gambling of any kind, whether for stakes or not, is forbidden in or around the Club Premises.  The introduction of materials to club premises for gambling or drug taking is prohibited. Persons of bad character or ill repute are also prohibited from the Club Premises.
9.2    The Club shall not attempt to restrict or interfere with trade or make directly or indirectly any recommendation to, or any arrangement with its Members which has the purpose or is likely to have the effect of fixing or controlling the price or any discount, allowance or rebate relating to any goods or services to be supplied by them.
9.3    No Member shall reprimand staff of the Club.  If a Member has any cause of complaint against a member of staff, he shall bring the same to the General Manager who shall deal with the matter in any way he or she deems fit.
9.4    No Member shall give the address of the Club Premises in any advertisement, or use its address for business or other purposes.

10.1    The Proprietor shall have the absolute discretion and power to amend, add to or repeal these Rules and Regulations and Bylaws with due notice thereof given to the Members.
10.2    The Proprietor may from time to time make, vary and revoke any Bylaws for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of the Members.  All such Bylaws shall, until revoked or varied by the Proprietor, be binding on the Members.  In the event of inconsistency between the Bylaws and these Rules, these Rules and Regulations shall prevail.

11.1    The Proprietor and any person appointed or employed by the Proprietor shall not be liable:-
(a)    for any loss of or damage to any property or article whatsoever, or howsoever brought upon or left at the Club Premises by a Member, his guest or any other person;
(b)    for any injury or loss whatsoever, or howsoever caused to a Member, his guest or to any other person; and
(c)    for all claims, demands, costs, loss of life.
11.2    Each Member shall indemnify the Proprietor, and keep indemnified other licensees and all those authorised or permitted by the Proprietor to use and enjoy the Facilities indemnified against all damages and loss suffered and injury caused to the Proprietor from the default, negligence and/or unauthorised use of the Facilities by the Member, his/its guests, spouse or children or in consequence of the breach or non-observance of any of the provision of the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws by the Member and/or its Nominee, his/its guests, spouse or children.

Nothing in these Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws shall constitute or result in any relationship by association or otherwise between the Members inter-se.   Each Member shall only have a contractual relationship with the Proprietor for the purposes set out herein as amended from time to time and without limiting the foregoing for the purpose of utilising the Facilities..   

Any dispute or difference which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation of these Rules and Regulations or the Bylaws or as to the powers of the officers or the Proprietor, or the validity of any proceedings of the Proprietor and/or the Club shall be determined by the Proprietor, whose decision shall be final and binding upon all the Members of the Club.

All complaints shall be made in writing to the Proprietor whose decision shall be final.

15.1    The Proprietor shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws of the Club and the decision of the Proprietor shall be final and binding.
15.2    In these Rules and Regulations, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; words importing a gender include every gender.
15.3    The headings to Rules are for convenience only and have no legal effect.

No failure by any Member to comply with these Rules and Regulations or the By-laws shall be deemed to have been waived, excused or accepted by the Proprietor unless the same is expressly waived, excused or accepted by the Proprietor in writing.  Any waiver shall be effective only in the instance and for the purpose for which it is given.

17.1    All memberships of the Club shall unless earlier terminated, cease on the expiry date December 31st 2050.  
17.2    Upon termination of all memberships the Proprietor shall be discharged from all liabilities and obligations hereunder or elsewhere and no Member shall have any claim against the Proprietor except in respect of any monies standing to the credit of the Member.